Friday, 11 November 2011

Narasimha Temple at Melkote, Karnataka

This temple is near Mysore, Karnataka in a small village called Melkote. The small ancient temple is situated on a steep, rock hill.

It is said that after Lord Narasihma killed Hiranyakashipu, Prahalada Maharaj meditated on the Lord for many thousands of years in this temple. The Lord is in shanta Yogic posture and the deity is 'swayambu murti' (self-manifested).
There is a dark cave right below the deity and Prahalada Maharaj is said to have meditated in this cave. Devotees visiting the temple are allowed to enter the cave and come through the other opening which is found next to the deity room of the temple. The tiger skin on which Prahalada Maharaj meditated is also preserved.

If you go there during lunch time, you can get delicious sweet rice made with jagery and tamarind rice maha prasadam after noon offering for a little donation to the pujaris.

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